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Le Vice Anglais Lyrics

Lyrics – Micko Westmoreland



Let me escape from all these words
Flapping around like exotic birds
I’m hearing more but it’s meaning less
Talk the talk, you’re a cut above the rest


So I open all the windows
Listen to these birds
Communing in their dialect
Of refined squark & chirp
I think about the whales
Dolphins in the blue
Do they discuss the price of shrimp
Like Common people do?

How different
From animals are we?
Play at casually indifference
Otters are all at sea
The bourgeoisie pay
A nonchalant shrug
We’ll always leave an extra pound
In the charity mug


But when the axe falls
They’ll be a mighty clatter
The chattering class will scatter
Off to their second homes
Proletariat will grow fatter
Blame their managers
We’ll all be messing with our phones

Chorus 2

Let me escape from all your words
Flapping around like exotic birds
I’m hearing more but it’s meaning less
Talk the talk, you’re a cut above the rest

Let me escape from all these words


I occupy a position in my love life
So taboo nobody believes me
Take myself out for coffee, go for walks in the country
Dress up all for me to the Tee
Coz It’s my dirty secret
Laugh at what’s been said
I don’t need a certain somebody
To make myself happy in bed


Coz I’m auto sexual,
It’s incredible,
Oh so sensual,
Quite the spectacle.

Some might say I can’t fall for another
But I  promise to find value this time
People say that I’m just conning myself
No way to find a partner on line
I’m always going to be there for me
With all this passing trade
I’ve been let down so many times before
But the image of myself won’t fade

I’ve been to the Doctor and they say it’s fine
I plan a spectacular self-wedding sometime
Engaged to myself on valentine’s day
So I won’t feel ashamed, rejected or down played
Coz I’m choosing life through choosing myself
Refuse to be abused or ‘left on the shelf’
I’m choosing myself to improve my life
Feeling very special about the one I like


(What’s in a) Name

Graham had no choice from School
Straight into work
Little time to think or choose
On the road, came down to the wire
Difficult choices, frequently expire

‘I gave it everything I had
Second mortgage, but we all got hit
Ups & downs, but made it through
No regrets, came good on what I knew’.


What’s in a name?
No longer makes a difference, can’t hurt all the same
It’s not in the name, should make a difference who I am all the same
It’s not in the name
What’s in a name? Should make a difference who I am all the same


William was shown the value of money
Taxi from school, private tutor
Worked hard for grades with constant support
Uni placed, bright future endorsed
‘Life seemed to pass me by
Career seemed important back then
Wish I’d made more time for the children
Well earned retirement, planning to spend’.


Day, date, place & time
Nature’s cards, yours to decide
Day, date, place & time
All play a hand, reason or rhyme

Holloway Road

It happened the day Buddy Holly died
Receive transmission from the other side
Send to control, twist all the voices
Message from a cat making human noises
Cable jam, immoral purpose
Cobble together forbidden circuits
Importune your very soul
Stalk a stranger down the Holloway Road


Let’s all meet up down the Holloway road
That’s where your bound to find me
Barbiturates and Tea, down the Holloway
Where the past comes up close behind me

Philip Spector won’t steal my sound
I’m the conspiracy, bringing you round
Through my speaker, secret alliance
Frequent visitation, signal compliance
Displaced in time, Buddy visits
Late at night musical snippets
Offering advice. Nuggets of wisdom
To Indoor types that buck the system

I’m caught up in all his behaviour
Paranormal paraphilia
Keep my sound under lock & key
Miscellaneous mics, monitor around me
Commune with spirits, whisper from the grave
The Ouija speaks to those who save
His masters voice, they’re still around
Find inspiration from ear to the ground


School Report

There’s no hint of anything profound, coming from his pen
Little attempt to master the art of writing
Comprehension continues to perpetual mistakes
Most of his time in lessons is spent fighting


Application – Poor
Progress – Pathetic
Focus – atrocious
Retainment – minimal

She’s a hard working girl with attractive handwriting
But always daydreams looks out the window
Seen by the bike sheds, she often smokes
Seems to enjoy the moniker of class joke


But when I went to your office
Pictures of girls on the wall
You unveiled a painting at lunchtime
Of one you’d imagine would reveal all
Eyes bulge, sideways glances
What crosses the mind when you take those chances
Could be seen as harmless fun
Breach of procedure, all comes undone

Walking round the school yard together
Meeting up around 4.20
Hand in hand, hiding in plain sight
Let’s just say, it’s our secret
Keep your lips sealed around the others
No need to feel guilty or contrite

Kid from Nowhere


‘I’m the expression of your collective unconscious
Encoded within mind before birth
Archetype common to all your thinking
Like the cycle of seasons, heaven & earth’


All this frustration rages inside
All this hate & fear, far and wide
Get me faway from all I know
Escape monotony, bullshit at home
An act of vengeance against this world
Revel in excess for it’s sake
Coz I’m singled out for a special purpose
With this crooked smile, make no mistake


Doesn’t the truth get so tiresome
When lies are so much more fun
Is fact stranger than fiction?
When all my stories blur to one


Black & yellow flowers
Blossom through my brain
Describe a secret passage way
Escape the psychedelic rain
Coz there’s never any open streets
Just blind alleys where rats grow rat
There’s always an exchange of dirty cash
In my black boots, leather jacket top hat

Middle 8

In each stitch there’s a detail
Every movement holds suggestion
Looks conceal many secrets
Beg a multitude of questions


Coz the fact of the matter is
What’s known is misunderstood
You’ll find it in unvarnished riddle
To perpetuate the common good
One day I’ll be held to ransom.
The gold powder ready to burn
From this morass of oblivion.
Ever threatening to return.


‘London sources have confirmed that the Star’s whereabouts is currently unknown
Police have appealed to any members of the general public who may have information to come forward’

Big Game

So your looking for power
So your looking freedom
You’ve looked for wisdom
Sprinkled it with reason
So you’re looking for money
So you look for love
Try to find special answers
In a test tube or a drug

Big Game x10 etc.

When the tank gets wider
You can’t turn it all around
Those fish that you’ll find there
Otherworldly, it resounds
One piece leads to another
They’re all falling into place
Channel your desire
Underwater to outer space

Coz under the radar,
There’s hardly a sound
You find a string of pearls.
& their incredibly round.
White gold & gleaming
Comes from another time
I think I must be dreaming
But pay it no mind


Alpha Male


Three hours sleep & I’m raring to go
Stoked up by a hard one ready to blow
Predatory Hawk, looking to pounce
Weigh up the competition I’m going to trounce

Come and see my Francis Bacon
Got a speedboat by the thames
Look me straight in the eye
You’ll be the envy of your friends


Right now you’re important to me,
Where every second counts
Gonna work it up with a strategy
Down the gym giving every ounce
Don’t get any ideas
I’m on the look out all the time
You think I’m being over cautious
There’s new tech for every crime


Taking down an alpha man x2

What do you mean your leaving
They’re not on to me for sure
No is not an answer
I’ve entertained before
The world needs me and my energy
Play a game where I set the rules
No one gets out of here but me
Judge & Jury, you can recuse


Right now, it’s not over
They’ll track bad debt, no doubt
Pumping up new policy
With every click of the mouse

Is that a drone outside my window?
I can feel them circling in
Meltdown is in freefall
Take me out, limb by limb

The Transformation

I feel so alone & afraid in this silent life
Look from the mirror, stone cold, absent from plain sight,
Nobody’s home, just a throw back in despair
Voice from the window, I see a reveller without a care


It’s neither here nor there
What I think whilst you’re having fun
Punching the air
In the moment
Like it’s just begun


They have come, scampering feet, black slanted eyes
Skin like leather, elfin features, heads oversized
It’s an clinical intrusion into my missing soul.
Mission objective? All files remain undisclosed

Chorus 2

Coz it’s neither here nor there
What I think whilst their having fun
Punching the air
In the moment
Like it’s just begun


White light, burning bright, White light, White light, burning bright, out of sight x2

This little round room feels like a universal womb
Gods are heard to whisper, we’re on your side
Sun, moon and stars they’re in & around me now
Past & futures merge to foreign sky

Chorus 3

Coz it’s neither here nor there
What you think whilst I’m having fun
Punching the air
In the moment
Like it’s just begun x2

The Great Santini


I am the great Santini,
Move from shape to shape
At the centre of it all
I have a secret I can’t relate
Master of illusion
Delight with expertise
Wow, each & every audience
Deceiving whilst I please


In one place then another
Impossible to define
Trip the light fantastic
Play a clever trick of mind
Propriety became my namesake,
Helped to buy me time
Had to remove the confidant
To evade a proverbial lie

Climb into a metal box
Fastened by tight chains
Sealed within high water
Licked by lapping flames.
Got 9 minutes 12 seconds
To take someone out
Eliminate that problem
Beyond a shadow of a doubt

Middle 8

Put yourself in my shoes
It was a long time ago
I was under the strictest orders
Forced to travel incognito


A single mistake forsakes me
Wasn’t on my mental list
I stand before you exposed
Like a slight of hand slip
Now I walk in silence
Slowly lead away
Do it again without a second thought
My self control remains

Of Spirit & Bone

When the road is bent out of shape
Catch 22 is written on your face
Camber trashed splinter tatters
Past so blurry the future shattered
Evidence around me cannot quantify
Clues for now laid to one side
Equipment once set to overdrive
All now fading I realise.


I am driven by spirit & bone
Spirit & bone spirit & bone
I am driven by spirit & bone


Is what’s forgotten become now lost
Remains so fearful, comes at a cost
Can we forgive what’s left unpaid
Robbed of the details all the same
These broken lines make up ties
But I’m still reaching for what I can’t describe
Missing links, form a chain
Locked in memories still remain


But I gotta take a look at what I’m doing
Reflect beyond this distorted mind
Part of existence I see has sailed forever
Watch those lowly song birds passing by