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Wooden Spaceship

In 2009, Micko released his first non-dance album, for Terry Edwards’ Sartorial Records, entitled “Wax & Wayne”. Taking a more personal direction, the album was the first to be released under his given name. Around this time, I, Absentee, a label in the states came into contact with Micko via e-mail, expressing longtime admiration for his work.

I, Absentee were invited to participate in the album’s companion disc, “Wax & Wayne – The Remixes”, which came to fruition in the form of a RFP (Red Falcon Projects) remix.

Micko offered to deliver a few unreleased tracks to I, Absentee. These were recorded after “Fabrications”, but before “Wax & Wayne”, in the transitional years between The Bowling Green and Westmoreland using his own name.

These tracks were given the name of “Wooden Spaceship”, and a return to his electronic roots.


2010: Wooden Spaceship
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Listen to clips

  • 3-d hassle

  • Disco Thong

  • Wonky